Why You Should Outsource HR


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Human relations is an essential component of any business. From employee onboarding to compliance management, it can be difficult to navigate the many HR challenges and regulations. If you’re a growing small to midsize organization, you might find yourself asking, “Should my company outsource its HR functions” or “Can’t we manage HR tasks in-house with the staff we already have?” If these questions sound familiar, it might be time to consider utilizing an external human resources partner. Outsourcing your HR to the right organization is the best way to help your business grow while building, managing, and nurturing a productive and thriving team. Below the Simplifi team outlines why you should consider outsourcing HR.

Why Partner With a Dedicated HR Professional?

If your company is growing and HR responsibilities are weighing heavy on you or another internal team member, outsourced HR capabilities could be the solution you need. While you may feel like you have the resources to keep some functions in-house, it rarely makes sense to do so. Here are three reasons why you should outsource your company’s HR.

You’ll Save Money

An HR team is tasked with a significant amount of work, from finding, hiring, training, and assessing the performance of new and existing employees to focusing on compliance and payroll needs. And, the more staff you employ, the more HR personnel you need because you can’t receive all the expertise your organization demands from just one HR professional. In fact, HR is often so complex that it requires a team with different areas of knowledge to ensure your company is compliant and covered. Hiring an entire crew to oversee your HR functions can be costly. Outsourcing these needs allows your organization to trim costs while equipping you with a group of experts focused on compliance, technology, HR, payroll, benefits, and so much more.   

You Can Mitigate Legal Risks and Compliance Issues

Remaining compliant can be a challenge for any sized company. Many people don’t understand the complexities of local, state, and federal regulations that businesses have to follow, and unfortunately, most employers don’t have the time or workforce to keep up with them. When you outsource HR and put your trust in a team of professionals, you can ensure your organization adheres to the ever-changing and constantly evolving landscape of compliance requirements. 

You’ll Save Time, So Your Team Can Focus on Core Business Processes

If you operate a medical practice, you want to focus on delivering the best care to your patients. If you own an auto body shop, you want your employees focused on fixing vehicles and providing excellent customer service. When you outsource your HR services, you and your team can focus on what’s most important; running your business. Partnering with an external HR professional can ensure that your HR practices are handled correctly. 

Outsourcing HR Services With Simplifi

It’s no secret that all companies have different HR needs. Take the guesswork out of what your organization requires and enjoy unique and tailored one-to-one support from Simplifi and our talented team of dedicated HR professionals. We can handle everything from navigating the tricky waters of compliance to time and labor management. If you’re ready to get started, connect with us at 215-437-7110.  

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