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Simplifi’s focus is providing quality support with personal service that sets us apart from the rest.

Simplifi managing your company's human capital management

The tools and support to run your business all in one place.

"We had a situation last year where we forgot to pay a key employee his bonus. Simplifi Payroll and HR went out of their way to make sure the employee got his money less than a few hours later. You just can't get that kind of dedication anywhere else. They made me a customer for life that day."

— Fran Mallee, Compression Components & Services

Simplifi's promise to you.

Never go it alone — With Simplifi as your payroll partner you never have to feel that you are on you own.

Help when you need it — No long holds and empty promises of being contacted in the future.

Three-ring guarantee — You will be connected with a live person in three rings or less.

Easy to use and access —Payroll software that you can access anywhere, anytime.

Level of service your way —You dictate how much service geared around the way you work with a personal expert that knows you by name.

Assurance — We keep an eye out for any issues and alert you right away. We also provide resources to help you confidently run your payroll with ease.

Isn't it time to make payroll simple again?

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