Talent Retention​

Attracting and Keeping the Talent that will Help Your Business Grow​​

Employee Benefits & 401(K)

Taking care of the team that takes care of you.

One of our strengths is employee benefits administration. We strongly urge our clients to offer a 401(K) savings program to their employees as this is a very strong employee retention program.

401(K) investments grow tax-free! As a single-owner company, you are entitled to save up to $49,000 per year. For those with employees, there are many possibilities for the owner and the employees. One thing’s for sure—the cost of setting up the plan is very low; and the potential rewards are very high.

If you’re not using this lucrative program at your workplace, call us right away for more information about how you can enhance your income and help your employees save for retirement!

You may even be entitled to tax credits for setting up a 401(K) program at your company!

Workman's Compensation

Keeping Your Team Safe and Your Business Covered.

We make workers’ compensation simple, fast, convenient, and affordable for your business. Simplifi’s product benefits are unmatched compared to other offers in the industry. With no down payments or installment fees, you’re protected from costs that can be difficult on a small-business owner’s operation budget!

Paid Time Off and Requests

Give You Team the Rest it Deserves without the Worry.

The difference between a Paid Time Off (PTO) policy and vacation/sick time can be difficult to understand for employers. Simplifi gives you the ability to offer any type of PTO that suits your company’s needs, as well as easily manage it all in one place!

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