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Employee Benefits & 401(K)

Taking Care of the Team that Takes Care of You.

360° Payroll Integration allows for a seamless transference of payroll data between Simplifi and the 401k Company – back to the employer. This simplifies processing a 401(k) deduction, as it requires little involvement from the employer outside of running payroll.

Additionally, Simplifi keeps track of employee eligibility for enrollment status and sends notifications upon any changes in deferral an employee may make – directly to their payroll provider for updating purposes.

  • Save time and money
  • By eliminating the need to manually enter data twice, you will have more time to focus on your business.
  • Reduces errors
  • Automating the transmission of contributions and the collection of required data will help you reduce errors caused by manual processing.
  • Timely investment of employee and 401(k) contributions

Workman's Compensation

Keeping Your Team Safe and Your Business Covered.

We make workers’ compensation simple, fast, convenient, and affordable for your business. Simplifi’s product benefits are unmatched compared to other offers in the industry. With no down payments or installment fees, you’re protected from costs that can be difficult on a small-business owner’s operation budget!
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Health Insurance

Ensure Your Employees are Taken Care of with Group Health Benefits.

Perhaps the most attractive benefit to full-time employment is access to the company’s group health insurance plan. With ongoing healthcare reform, employer-sponsored group health coverage becomes more and more of a valuable asset.

At Simplifi, we understand that good benefits are key to attracting and keeping great employees. That’s why we offer group health plans as part of our benefits package.

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