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Automated timekeeping often goes unnoticed for its costs, but they're worth taking into consideration.

Commonly, the value in automated timekeeping is seen as the time saved from avoiding manual labor; however, “wasted labor minutes”, or employee theft, and human error cost employers significantly more money.

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Enter the average number of hours in your work week per employee.
Enter the average hourly wage of your employees.
Enter an average estimate of minutes "wasted" per day by each employee. (Examples: Extended lunches, unapproved breaks, approximated in/out times, etc.)
Enter how many hours are taken to process payroll each pay period. (Example: Payroll staff's time to prepare, compute, total, verify, and key-in payroll data.)
Enter an average hourly wage for your payroll clerk or staff.
Enter an estimated percentage of human error in preparing time cards. (Example: American Payroll Association estimates between 1% and 8%)
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