Why Controllers Recommend Simplifi Payroll and HR!

Helping your organization to run as efficiently as possible is our goal. Our expertise is payroll and HR software development and the technology we provide your business will streamline your processes, lower your labor costs and provide you timely reports on the information you need.

  • By accurately tracking time, reporting on labor distribution, overtime, unused deductions, accrued hours and the company’s liability, you can better manage your labor costs. Simplifi Payroll and HR lowers your payroll costs as we typically charge less than our competitors, and you only pay one invoice per payroll for the services used.
  • Simplifi Payroll and HR will setup your General Ledger Report with your chart of accounts prior to your first payroll. Each time you run payroll, this report is provided in Excel for easy incorporation into your accounting software.
  • Soon after payroll is processed a multitude of standard reports are available including your GL Report, 401k Report, Workers’ Comp Report, Labor Distribution Report, Turnover Report, Average Hours Worked Report and more. Each report is available in Excel and PDF Formats.
  • Any information stored in the system can be reported on with our point and click Report Writer. Filter the report to your specifications. Search by active and terminated employees, hourly and salaried employees, and subtotal by company, employee or department. You can report across multiple FEINs, save your report formats and share them with other users.
  • We employ industry-proven standards for online security including 128-bit encryption, 24/7 system monitoring, and multiple offsite backup locations.
  • We allow you to set up an unlimited number of users with restricted system access.

Our goal is to be an asset to your business—your time is valuable and should not be spent on payroll details. Leave the details to us and go about building your business! Click here to read our 6-point performance guarantee!