Special Services for Hospitality Businesses

Simplifi Payroll and HR recognizes the challenges of running one hotel/motel or multiple locations. We are your local payroll service agency serving all of Greater Philadelphia, most prominently Lower Bucks, Montgomery, Philadelphia and Chester Counties. We have specific solutions to meet your needs for the hospitality industry:

  • We offer Simplifi Payroll and HR Time Management Systems so that employees may clock in and out online (subject to administrative approval).
  • From one screen you can access all employee information such as pay rates, and taxes, deductions, accruals, and HR information to make quick updates. In addition, you can use our Batch Editing feature for group updates on accruals, deductions, pay rates, Workers’ Comp codes and more.
  • With over 250 custom fields you can track employee information specific to your business. Track training, certification, company property, FMLA, EEO statistics and more that can all be reported on with our robust Report Writer. You also receive many Standard Reports after every payroll. Simplifi Payroll and HR doesn’t purge your data for terminated or current employees so you always have digital access to your historical information (previous employees are stored as “inactive”).
  • Our payroll system will manage shift differentials in your payroll; reports can easily be accessed to monitor who is working on which shift
  • Our payroll system will allow corporate users and site managers to log in and manage employees. Our system allows users access at different levels depending upon their needs.
  • Our payroll system will automatically alert you if any employee’s pay does not meet minimum wage requirements.
  • When you hire new employees, we provide you with required New Hire Reporting forms and send them in for you when you provide them to us
  • Garnishments—no problem! Our payroll system will make deductions and remit garnishments as required.

Our goal is to be an asset to your business—your time is valuable and should not be spent on payroll details. Leave the payroll preparation details to us and go about building your business! Click here to read our 6-point performance guarantee!