Employee benefits and insurance are crucial parts of any competitive compensation package when it comes to attracting and retaining top talent. However, managing employee benefits and insurance can be a time-consuming and complex job for many small and medium businesses and even large ones. That’s where we come in! In Hillsborough County, Simplifi Payroll & HR offers a range of employee benefits and insurance management services to help businesses of all sizes manage them more efficiently and effectively. 

One of the essential benefits of Simplifi Payroll & HR’s management services is that they’re fully customizable. We work closely with each client to understand their unique needs and goals and develop a custom benefits package to meet those needs. 

Benefits Administration

Simplifi Payroll & HR offers a comprehensive benefits administration service that includes managing all facets of employee benefits, from enrollment to termination. This includes managing employee files, employee benefits management, and handling necessary paperwork.

Health Insurance

We offer several health insurance management services for businesses, regardless of size. These services may include group health insurance, dental, vision insurance, and more. 

Retirement Plans

Employees need a path to retirement. With Simplifi Payroll & HR, we help businesses provide a selection of retirement options, including 401(k) plans to help their employees.

Life Insurance

We offer a range of life insurance options to help companies provide their employees with financial security in the event of an unexpected death. 

Disability Insurance

We also provide disability insurance options so businesses can protect their employees financially in the event of a disability that prevents them from working. 

But we aren’t done with insurance plans! Simplifi Payroll & HR also offers a range of insurance management tools and resources to help companies manage their employee benefits more effectively. 

Online Benefits Portal

Our online portal provides employees easy access to benefits information, including plan details, coverage levels, and more. 

Employee Education and Communication

Employees need continuing education about their benefits just like everyone else. We offer education and communication tools to help employees understand their benefit options and make informed decisions about their coverage. 

Compliance Management

Staying up to date and informed with the constant changes to compliance requirements is time-consuming and can be frustrating for businesses. Simplifi Payroll & HR keeps track of updates and changes related to employee benefits and insurance and helps you stay compliant.

Work with Simplifi Payroll & HR in Hillsborough County

Simplifi Payroll & HR’s employee benefits and insurance management services can be a valuable resource for businesses of all sizes. By outsourcing benefits administration and insurance management to Simplifi Payroll & HR, you can save time and ensure compliance with all necessary regulations. In addition, Simplifi Payroll & HR’s customized benefits packages help businesses attract and retain top talent, improve employee satisfaction, and increase productivity.
To learn more about Simplifi Payroll & HR’s employee benefits and insurance management services in Hillsborough County, you can visit our website or give us a call at (855) 855-8451 to schedule a consultation. With the right employee benefits and insurance management solutions in place, businesses can attract and retain top talent and ensure their employees are taken care of.