Simplifi Payroll & HR will be closed on:

Thursday                 11/23/2017

Friday                      11/24/2017

                 Friday                      12/22/2017 @ Noon

Monday                  12/25/2017

               Friday                      12/29/2017 @ Noon

Monday                   01/01/2018



All delivery services will be closed 11/23/17, 12/25/2017, & 1/1/2018 and usually experience delays due to high volume during the holiday season.

Please remember courier deliveries are guaranteed by 5:00PM the NEXT BUSINESS day after you submit payroll.

Courier companies will NOT make same day deliveries. Also, keep in mind delivery via the Post Office is NOT guaranteed and we are unable to track delivery via USPS.

** NOTE: If you plan on closing your office earlier than normal business hours,

we must have payroll submitted to us 1 day earlier than the guidelines below. **


 Our bank requires 2 BANKING DAYS to process direct deposits timely.

Direct Deposit payrolls must be submitted to us no later than noon on the dates shown below to ensure timely posting.

**NOTE: If you cannot accommodate the bank schedule, please consider issuing live checks as an alternative. **




o Verify Simplifi and bank closure dates against your payroll processing dates.

o Schedule any year-end Bonus payrolls you plan on processing.

Schedule any year-end Adjustment payrolls for things such as: 3rd Party Sick Pay, S Corp Health, Group Term Life, Personal Use of Co Vehicle, COBRA, Taxable Fringe Benefits, 1099, Voided Checks, and any additional Manual Checks paid throughout the year. These adjustments should occur PRIOR to your last payroll of 2017 so that taxes can be paid timely.

Remind employees to file a new 2018 W4 Form if their Federal Filing Status, Number of Allowances, and/or Exempt status will change for the new year.

o Verify active and terminated employee information. Please submit any employee changes PRIOR to

12/31/17 to avoid W2 reprint charges. If no corrections are sent, we will assume your W2’s are ready to print.

o  Simplifi Payroll & HR will send you a Company Data Letter along with an Employee Data Report. Please review the employee Name, SSN, Address for accuracy. Advise your employees to also compare their pay stubs against their Social Security card and report any discrepancies to you immediately. Employee’s wages are posted to the SSA and IRS under their social security accounts. Any variance between their SS Card and payroll must be corrected by

12/31/17. If an employee’s name is different from their SS Card due to recent marriage, divorce, or legal action, they must apply for a new SS Card. Only after receiving the new card should you alter their payroll records.


Forward copies of 2018 state unemployment tax rate notices to Simplifi Payroll, PRIOR to 12/31/17. During mid-December, state agencies mail each business a Tax Rate Notice for the following year. Remember we must process your first payroll with a check date in 2018 with the new rate already in place. Also, send any state or local payment changes you receive.

o Forward copies of any IRS notifications to Simplifi PRIOR to 12/31/17. Towards the end of the year, the

IRS will typically mail businesses letters regarding changes in their tax status. For example: changing from

941filer to a 944 filer (or vice versa). Remember we must process your first 2018 payroll with this change already in place.

o Process all 2017 bonuses and adjustment payrolls PRIOR to 12/31/17 (as stated above).

o ***Please Note: Any prior year adjustments submitted after 12/31/17 may result in: late tax payments, penalties, interest, W2 reprint charges, and/or amendments to processed returns. Simplifi Payroll & HR is not responsible for any penalties, interest, and/or fees imposed as a result of late submission and the client will assume all responsibility and liability for such charges.***


o Simplifi Payroll will send all 4th Quarter and Year End reports and filings by January 19, 2018.

o Distribute employee W2’s and/or 1099’s by January 31, 2018.

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I went from doing my own payroll to Simplifi Payroll & HR. What a great decision! Their online platform is amazing! And I have more time to work on selling dresses!!!

Jon Liney

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We have a number of locations and lots of employees with unusual schedules. Our days are very busy serving our clients and managing internal operations. That’s why we prefer to leave all that burden on Simplifi Payroll & HR while we concentrate on making great food! Joe Pintimalli has been instrumental in keeping our payroll compliant and our costs low. We highly recommend Simplifi Payroll & HR.

Kevin Mooney

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"We have had an overwhelmingly positive experience in our relationship with Philadelphia Federal Credit Union Payroll Service. We have found them to be attentive to details, responsive to all requests and extremely pleasant to deal with. Our company has utilized PFCU Payroll Service since 2010 and have been extremely happy since Day One. They are prompt, reliable and very accommodating to our needs."

Warren Uzialko, President

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"We had a situation last year where we forgot to pay a key employee his bonus. Simplifi Payroll and HR went out of their way to make sure the employee got his money less than a few hours later. You just can't get that kind of dedication anywhere else. They made me a customer for life that day."

Fran Mallee of Compression Components and Service
November 13th, 2017


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